A ChangeCamp event is a creative face-to-face gathering that is citizen-led, non-partisan and social web enabled. ChangeCamps bring together citizen change agents to answer questions like:

How can we work together to create our desired future?

ChangeCamp addresses the demand for a renewed relationship among citizens and between citizens and our civic institutions. We seek to create connections between people and their civic passions by using new tools of communication.

The ChangeCamp community is open to all. We hope to ignite a self-organizing movement for positive change in cities, towns and neighbourhoods across Canada.

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City Hall Fellows

Mark Kuznicki on Feb 18, 2011 · Filed Under Uncategorized

Fascinating program, like the holistic approach of training recent college grads, giving them meaningful civic work that gets them engaged.

“Our Mission: Empower the next generation of leaders for America’s cities by (1) introducing the best and brightest recent college graduates to the inner workings of local government; (2) bringing their talent and energy to bear addressing the challenges local communities face; and (3) exposing them to meaningful careers in public service.”

Wholeshare Makes Group Buying From Farmers Easy

Mark Kuznicki on Feb 17, 2011 · Filed Under Uncategorized

Great idea, connecting farmers to groups of people who want to buy local food. Kind of like Groupon for local food movement.

Amplify’d from mashable.com

Quick Pitch: With Wholeshare, users can easily pool their orders to purchase from farmers that only sell in bulk.

Read more at mashable.com

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