What is ChangeCamp?

ChangeCamp is an event format, an open community and a set of tools and ideas designed to give citizens and governments the ability to work collaboratively in new ways to make change and to better address real-world challenges in our communities. The ChangeCamp community is focused on two goals:
  1. helping governments become more open, transparent, participatory, innovative, efficient and effective
  2. helping citizens become more connected to each other around their civic passions in the place they call home
Read about ChangeCamp in the Globe & Mail. CBC Radio's Spark! Episode #65: ChangeCamp (starts at 18:00) [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="500" caption="Image credit: MarinaToronto"]Image credit: MarinaToronto[/caption] A ChangeCamp event is a participatory and web-enabled face-to-face event that brings together citizens, policy-makers, technologists, design-thinkers, change agents and media creators to answer questions like:
"How do we re-imagine government and citizenship in the age of participation?"
The ChangeCamp community seeks to encourage non-partisan public participation enabled by new forms of communication. It does so by combining face-to-face events and online community-generated media to encourage dialogue and action. ChangeCamps have taken place in Toronto, Ottawa, Vancouver, Edmonton and Halifax, with more being organized in places all across Canada. ChangeCamp.ca is home to a national community of community organizers across Canada who care about making positive change happen in the places they call home.

Host a ChangeCamp

Thinking about hosting a ChangeCamp in your community? We're here to help. Contact ChangeCamp.ca at info@changecamp.ca to get connected to advice, tools and other resources. You can learn about past ChangeCamp events, how they were created and what they produced by visiting the blog or the ChangeCamp wiki.

Connect and Get Involved

You can connect to ChangeCamp organizers across Canada by joining our Google Group, following @ChangeCamp on Twitter or search the Twitter hashtag #changecamp. ChangeCamp.ca is hosted and supported by Mark Kuznicki of Remarkk Consulting and by 100s of other community organizers and participants across Canada.